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  Victory - the history of the Chinese nation's destiny, a great victory in the world.

  August 15, 1945, in the fight for justice of the world teacher, is a large Chinese battlefield offensive to destroy the confidence of the emperor of Japan in form of "the end of the war rescript" announced the unconditional surrender.

  On August 21, 1945, Hunan Zhijiang, Japan drop enable to on behalf of the Chinese to produce in China troops deployment diagram, accept the ordered to land, sea and air forces to surrender the memo commands.

  On September 2, 1945, Japan Tokyo Bay, Missouri battleship, Japan's new foreign minister Mamoru weight AOI and chief of the general staff yoshijiro Umezu on behalf of the Japanese government after the sign a letter of surrender, to accept the surrender of Confederate representatives, including China's General Xu Yongchang, followed by signature.

  In September 3, 1945, the national government decided that the day was celebrated for the victory of the war of resistance against Japan. This day, it is also recognized as the world's anti fascist war victory day.

  On September 9, 1945, Nanjing, this had brutally massacre the Japanese atrocities in the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, to witness the historic moment invaders final bow: China in Nanjing formally accepted the Japanese surrender.

  Victory in the war of resistance, China is not only involved in the post-war world order arrangement, but also become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, to assume greater responsibility for the maintenance of peace and security of mankind.

  Rising from the ashes, the Chinese nation wash one hundred years of humiliation, won the position, self-confidence and dignity, for the first time to the winner's attitude, in the east of the world proudly stand up!

  This is the historical turning point of Chinese national destiny! This is a great victory for the world to remember!

  All forward, can not forget the way through; go far, go to the future of the glorious, also can not forget the past.






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