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  Zhao Kuo, Zhao will the son of Zhao She also. Since less to learn art of war, soldiers made things, thought invincible. However, his father did not think that good. The mother asked and the reason, she said: " life, death, and the easy words. If the soldier, will be lost. " Later Qin Zhao Lian PO for war, general, phase lasting and Qin and changping. Generation of Lian Po to Zhao Kuo, Zhao Wangyu, the mother of the child said book, she compared to non. Find the king did not listen to.

  Zhao Kuo to the army, the army officials have changed easily, constraint, be opinionated. Qin Qi will smell, truncated Zhao Jun Road, divided the army into two. More than 40 days, army. Under the centrifugal. Zhao Kuo is a rate chosen from the fight, for the end of the Qin shot. Hundreds of thousands of Zhao Jun down, Qin noted pit. Since then, unable to get up after a fall of Zhao

  兄长弟 纸和uedbet滚球好想没拥有什么相干吧 那时辰分还没拥有纸呢 纸是东方汉才拥局部 而uedbet滚球是春天秋战国死的 你说中间男差了好积年啊


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